"I have had lower back pain and sciatica issue for the past 9 months or so. I've seen numerous doctors and numerous Chiropractors that have been unable to relieve the pain and numbness in my lower back, hips, legs, and feet. I figured it was something that I just needed to deal with the rest of my life. I've seen Sheila about 6 times and now have minimal back pain, have some feeling back in my feet and feel like a completely new person. I am able to look over my shoulder to check oncoming traffic in my "blind spot". I haven't been able to do that for months. My leg strength and coordination is greatly improving. The best part - I don't hurt anymore. I would strongly recommend Sheila's treatment to anyone with limited range of motion, pain and muscle weakness - she's changed my life!"

Lori W.  Council Bluffs, IA


"I have a slipped & bulging disc, broken L5, torn rotator cuff in both shoulders, and scar tissue build up from a broken C4 in my neck. My spine doctor sent me to a spinal physical therapist specialist who I had to beg to see Sheila for a massage. Ends up I finished my "PT" sessions with Sheila since she had training the therapist didn't for the Myokinesthetic System! Because of Sheila I've been able to avoid surgeries for lower lumbar fusion, neck and shoulder repair. I'd never trust anyone other than Sheila as my Massage Therapist!"

Lyddie M. Omaha, NE


"If I were not on a regular schedule of massages with you, I would not be able to sit in front of my PC at work for the hours (9 - 10+ hours a day) on end I do.  Work is always stressful but has been even more so lately as I work in the banking industry. The massages relieve the tension and stress out my neck and shoulders which gets so bad sometimes I can't hardly work or turn my head. You also help me with those low back pains I get when I shovel snow, work out or just twist my back. I truly look forward to my every other week massage and I'm not sure how I would survive without your ongoing massage therapy. YOU ROCK! "

9+ yr satisfied customer,

Chuck O.  Omaha, NE


"I have been working with Sheila for about 1 year of massage therapy. Over 18 years ago I had a stroke which affected my left side.

Through massage therapy I have more movement and greater use of my left side. I also have less muscle pain and my stamina has improved.

I really feel this program has been of great benefit to me."

Janet W. Omaha, NE  2010


"My wife has been working with Sheila for about a year. She had a stroke about 18 years ago and has lived a life of acceptance with left side paralysis, very limited use and movement of her left leg, left arm and hand.

Until we met Sheila we both accepted the "FACT" (SHE MAY NOT EVER HAVE ANY IMPROVEMENT WITH HER LEFT SIDE) This is obviously not true!

With just 1 year of therapy my wife can willfully lift her left arm and she can now intentionally touch her nose. We have recognized her balance has improved so much she occasionally forgets her walking cane.

All of this can be summerized as;   Her quality of life has greatly improved.

Fred W. Omaha, NE 2010


"Sheila has given me back the use of my hands! Several years ago I developed an intense pain in my thumb joint closest to my wrist. The pain prevented me from opening lids, lifting anything that had any weight to it, turning my hands a certain way, even touching it was painful. I started wearing thumb braces and then moved to wrist braces. During massages Sheila worked on those joints and it was painful.

She told me about a study she was doing her Myokinesthetic technique. She identified vertebrea in my upper back that were causing problems. She started working on the muscles in my neck and proceeded to my shoulders, arms, and hands. After the first treatment I saw improvement. I continued the treatments for several weeks seeing and feeling more and more improvement. She not only gave me back the use of my hands, but, also, through working on my shoulders and arms, improved my posture. I feel like she has given me back my life! Thank you Sheila!!!!!!

Donny P. Omaha, NE